About Us : 


Online Shopping is Growing very rapidly in India and Probably we are the fastest eCommerce growing country in the world today. Government of India also adopted to offer several services VIA online and promoting "DIGITAL IINDIA" in a much Larger Way.

There is a popular phrase  "Every coin has two side" this phrase is quite substantial here because When we speak about rapid growth of eCommerce in India, there is a dark side also associated with it.... i.e. Existing Retail Outlets / Traditional Retailers are loosing their market share each passing day from the  "Storm of Online shopping"

After years of dedicated Study & Research on eCommerce,  We  decided to help Traditional Retail Outlets by providing them a ready platform which is Unique, Affordable & Transparent through which they can expose themselves among the Virtual Buyers and offer their Products to them.

We simply followed to match the existing retail model of any real Market, Mall etc. where each seller run their business with their own Identity and freedom. Our concept is Unique as we believe firmly that Identity of Seller is equally important as any offered product. 

Any buyer can contact/talk directly with the listed Seller's as and when they feel to clarify related to the offered product from the seller enlisted with cartplus.in.

Our model speak for itself as follows :

    1. Know your Seller from the details of their establishment.

    2. Contact your seller before & after placing your order.

    3. Shop directly from the enlisted seller Offline / Online

We believe very strongly that its High Time for traditional retailers to update themselves and become familiar with  Technology Utilization for two simple reasons   First Cut Your  Losses..... then think of  Business Growth......

To promote ETHICAL & TRANSPARENT business practices we cartplus.in came out with our Innovative initiative to help Indian Traditional Retail Outlets  upfront.


Note : We do not allow non-existing / non-registered Seller's under our Platform to avoid any kind of possible discrepancy